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Emergency Preparedness School Program

It is our top priority to protect the safety of communities where we operate. As a responsible neighbor, we meet face-to-face with administrators at every school located within 700 feet of pipelines we operate. Critical safety information shared includes:

  • Pipeline location
  • Products transported through the pipeline
  • Signs of a pipeline release
  • How to properly respond to a pipeline leak
  • Emergency phone numbers/local personnel contact information
  • Materials to include in an emergency response plan

For additional information or to schedule an Emergency Preparedness meeting for your school, please email [email protected] or call 855.888.8056

Petroleum Fuels My Life Youth Program

This unique program explores the many uses for petroleum beyond the gas pump, and educates third- and fourth-grade students about pipeline safety including the 811 Call Before You Dig message.

Program Includes:

  • 40-minute presentation led by MPL representatives
  • Hands-on experiments, games, and a video
  • Free gift for all students

For additional information or to schedule a presentation, please email [email protected] or call 855.888.8056

Download our Pipeline Finder App

Download the free Pipeline Finder app to view the location of pipelines operated by Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) in your area. The app also includes safety guidelines, local MPL contact information, and MPL's emergency number. After launching the app, a map with red lines representing the MPL pipelines in your area will display. Click on any of the red lines to get additional details, including the pipeline’s name, products transported, diameter, and operating pressure.