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Landowners and Residents

Landowners and residents, we recognize that you play an important role in maintaining the integrity of our pipelines and encourage you to partner with us. Working together, we can help ensure your safety and the safety of the community.

Our Commitment to You

  • We will work with you when planning the location of property improvements, such as building a deck or patio, installing a fence or planting trees.
  • We will respond promptly to your 811 call request and will mark the location of the pipeline on your property.
  • We will conduct routine inspections and ongoing maintenance of the pipeline on your property. We will notify you in advance of any scheduled maintenance.
  • Through our Earning Your Trust program, we work hard to provide open, timely, and transparent communication

Help Us Help You

  • Please contact us prior to planning any type of construction project or planting on or near the pipeline right of way.
  • Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a contractor, smart digging means dialing 811, the national “Call Before You Dig” phone number, at least three business days prior to starting any project. This free call can help protect you from physical harm resulting from damage to a buried pipeline or other underground utility.
  • Help to ensure the safety of the pipeline and the public by reporting any excavation, suspicious activities or pipeline release on or near the right of way.

Questions about the pipeline on your property?

Please contact your Right-of-Way Specialist directly by selecting your location below.

Earning Your Trust Logo

Property developments and improvements such as houses, sheds, fences, driveways, pools, decks, trees and landscaping near underground pipelines can be dangerous. This is why we established specific guidelines for property development, including setback distances.

A farm with diagrammed setback distances

Setback Distances

New house, business, place of public assembly 50'
Addition to an existing dwelling, etc. 50'
Unoccupied permanent structure 50'
Garage 50'
Barn 50'
Deck and patio 50'
Swimming pool 50'
Pond 50'
Semi-moveable structure 25'
Garden shed 25'
Septic tank and leach field 25'
Telephone/light pole 25'
Water well 25'
Trees 25'
Yard light or mailbox 10'
Fence post 5'

NOTE: Site specific plans are requested whenever the structure distance cannot meet the setback recommendations.

With multiple underground facilities and utilities located on your property, it is essential to know what is below. Whether you are planning a do-it-yourself project or hiring a professional, safe digging means contacting 811 before starting your job.

811 - Know what's below.  Call before youd ig.

Planning one of these projects? Call 811 before you dig.

Photo of people planting a tree

Planting Trees or Shrubs

Photo of a fence being built

Installing a Fence

Photos of nails being hammered into a deck

Building a Deck or Patio

Photo of a post being put into the ground.

Installing Outdoor Lighting

Photo of a front end loader moving dirt

Digging a Pond or Swimming Pool

Photo of mail being inserted into mailbox

Installing a Mailbox Post

Steps for Safe Digging

Photo of a man dialing a number on a smartphone

Call 811

three business days before you start digging or submit an online request at

Marathon Pipeline yellow marker


for underground facilities and utilities to be marked.

A shovel digging a hole

Dig Carefully

to avoid hitting cables or pipes.

Warning sign

Hitting what's underground can hurt you:

Hitting a pipeline - possibility of an explosion

Hitting an electrical line - possibility of being electrocuted

Use your sense of sight, hearing and smell to recognize and respond to a potential pipeline release.

Signs of a Potential Pipeline Release include:

Water with a rainbow sheen

A rainbow sheen on water

Landscape showing muddy ground

A pond of liquid on the ground

A white cloud of fog

A dense white cloud of fog

Plant leaf wilting

Dead or discolored vegetation

Drawing of an ear

An unusual hissing or roaring noise

Drawing of a nose

An unusual odor such as gasoline, oil, sulfur or a rotten egg smell

Steps to take in the event of a pipeline release:


as far away as possible in an upwind, uphill direction

Call 911

Call Marathon Pipe Line LLC

24-Hour Emergency Number: 1.833.675.1234

Keep Away

Keep others away from the area


  • Walk through or touch any liquid or vapor that may have come from the pipeline
  • Attempt to stop material from leaking, shut off valves or put out a fire
  • Create any source of ignition (starting an engine, turning switches on or off, etc.)

We will notify you in person, by mail, or by phone of any scheduled inspections or maintenance that requires access to the pipeline right of way on your property.

Surveyor in a field

You will be notified of:

Pipeline Finder App

Download the free Pipeline Finder app to view the location of pipelines operated by Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) in your area. The app also includes safety guidelines, local MPL contact information, and MPL's emergency number. After launching the app, a map with red lines representing the MPL pipelines in your area will display. Click on any of the red lines to get additional details, including the pipeline’s name, products transported, diameter, and operating pressure.

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