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Capline Pipeline

Commissioned in 1968, Capline Pipeline has been a critical part of America's energy infrastructure. Capline, owned by Capline Pipeline Company LLC, was originally constructed to transport crude oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico to the Midwest. It then became the link between the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) and the Midwest, enabling large volumes of imported crude oil to flow north. As the energy landscape has changed over the past decade, Capline is positioning itself for the next iteration of crude oil movements. Through the Capline Reversal project, the system now transports crude oil from the Midwest into South Louisiana.

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The reversal of Capline was completed in 2021, with an origin point of Patoka, Illinois to various terminals in St. James, Louisiana. Capline Reversal was sanctioned based on anchor shipper commitments. If others are interested in securing shipping space on this pipeline, please refer to the Business Development contact at the bottom of this page.

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Capline Pipeline Company LLC recognizes that crude oil quality is critical to operational success. A crude oil quality program requires effective communication with all parties: producers, shippers, connecting carriers, traders and refiners. Capline remains committed to ensuring that crude oil shipped through its system maintains quality throughout its journey in the pipeline.



Disclaimer: Crude oil quality data presented on this website is not currently updated. Please use appropriately.

Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) serves as the operator of Capline. With over 110 years in the energy business, MPL is an industry leader in safely and reliably operating pipelines, storage tanks, and marine facilities. Click here to view an interactive map of all pipelines operated by MPL, including Capline.

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Business Development and General Questions

Matt Heft, Capline Pipeline Company LLC
Phone: 419.429.5499

Crude Oil Quality

Anna Morris, Marathon Pipe Line LLC
Phone: 419.672.6740

Shipper Contact

Roger Lehman, Marathon Pipe Line LLC
Phone: 419.672.4858

Media Relations

Submit a Media Inquiry
Phone: 419.421.4600

Capline Emergency Phone Number

Phone: 1.833.675.1234