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Our Culture

Our goal is to produce superior value for our customers, business partners, employees and for the communities we serve. All of our achievements are measured by how well we represent our Guiding Principles, and our success as a company is directly linked to our commitment to operate with integrity every day.


To safely and reliably operate pipelines and grow the business.


To be an industry-leading performer driven by Operational Excellence and intense business focus.

Three men looking at plans

Leading Safety Performance

The safety of the public, our employees and contractors is always our top priority.

  • We are guardians of public safety.
  • No one gets hurt.
  • Personal and process safety is a top priority in all we do.

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Intense Business Focus

An intense business focus enables business success.

  • Everyone adds value by controlling costs, enhancing revenue and growing the company.
  • We leverage innovation and cost competitiveness to drive business success.
  • We perform in the best interests of our shareholders and unitholders.

Man at operations panel

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the driving force toward flawless performance.

  • Our OE Management System is how we run our business.
  • We are good stewards of the environment.
  • We have a culture of regulatory compliance.
  • We achieve success through shared ownership.
  • We battle normalization of deviance through operational discipline.
  • We are a premier learning organization.

People at an operations meeting


Everyone is highly involved in and committed to achieving our vision.

  • Everyone understands the why.
  • We encourage conflict with mutual respect.
  • We value and actively support diversity, inclusion, ethics and integrity.
  • We are actively engaged in our communities.
  • We are committed to family - both personal and work.
  • We say thank you.

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Exceptional Planning

Exceptional planning leads the way.

  • We balance risk management and risk elimination.
  • We execute our work effectively and efficiently.
  • We embrace change by anticipating and planning for it.
  • We plan and are nimble.