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The Good Old Days

Shedding light on the good old days

Good Old Days

Remember the days before the Internet, video/computer games and movies on-demand? There was no sitting in the dark watching a screen for hours. Oh, kids played in the dark, alright – games like spotlight tag, hide-and-seek and ghost-in-the-graveyard. Many also spent hours around a campfire, roasting hotdogs, torching marshmallows and telling stories.

Martinsville Area employees recently helped take some area students back to the “good old days” by sponsoring a reading program called "Camp Out With a Good Book," presented by North Elementary School in Marshall. “Its purpose was to encourage integration of school and family life, so parents were also invited,” says MPL Area Manager John Kremer, who attended the event with Operations Supervisor Brandon Mobley and Administrative Assistant Angela Zellers. “Attendance was so high it spilled over into other rooms,” he adds.

Good Old Days

MPL provided funding, campfire-type food, books, first-aid kits and flashlights – all of which were a big hit. Yet the excitement really began when the lights went out. Flipping the switch was an honor bestowed upon Mobley. “The children and parents then read their books by flashlight,” says Mobley, whose daughter, Breahna, is a fifth-grade student at the school. “The coolest part of the event was to see how excited and appreciative the children were; we received a lot of sincere thanks,” Mobley adds. “I encourage other areas to do something similar. There’s not much planning involved, and it’s a lot of fun.”

“We rely on our neighbors for the success of our operations, and we want to be good neighbors, too,” adds Kremer. “Seeing how a sack lunch, a flashlight and a book can bring a smile to a child’s face was awesome.”

Good Old Days