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Partnering to Keep Schools Safe

Keep Schools Safe

Staff and faculties at schools throughout Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) operating areas are more aware of the importance of pipeline safety, emergency preparedness and response. All thanks to the Emergency Preparedness School Program.

The program included all schools within 1,000 feet of an MPL-operated pipeline. Between July 2015 and December 2016, MPL met with all 136 schools eligible for the program. Of the 136 schools included in the program, 36 have pipelines on their property.

Local MPL field management conducted face-to-face meetings with school officials and local emergency response agencies. The meetings provided an opportunity for school officials and local emergency response officials to collaborate on a pipeline-specific Emergency Response Plan. Meetings began with an overview of MPL and included the following topics:

  • Location of the pipeline
  • Products transported through the pipeline
  • How pipelines are protected
  • Signs of a pipeline release
  • How to properly respond to a release
  • MPL’s emergency phone number
  • Materials to include in an emergency response plan

In terms of preparedness, it is vital to have a working pipeline-specific emergency response plan in place. “For example, at an elementary school near Griffith, Indiana, an MPL operated pipeline runs directly in front of the school, which would require evacuation from the back. Yet the back area was completely enclosed by a fence,” notes MPL Griffith Area Manager Gary Grubb. “Due to the Emergency Preparedness School Program, we were able to discuss the option of installing a gate and MPL provided funds needed for its purchase and installation.”

Each School that participated in the Emergency Preparedness School Program and completed a survey received a $500 Amazon gift card for use at the school’s discretion. This is an ongoing program with the primary goal of partnering with both the school and emergency officials to protect the safety of students, staff and faculties, and the community.