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Operations Center Volunteers Swing Into Action

MPL Operations Center - Volunteers

Although grateful for the gift of a swing set for use at a camp run by Findlay’s Children’s Mentoring Connection (CMC), Executive Director Jennifer Swartzlander needed help in retrieving the boxed-up playground equipment and in putting it together. Then she remembered MPL, which had come to CMC’s aid before.

“I got a call from Jennifer requesting help with the swing set,” notes Ben Patey, a Training Specialist in the MPL Operations Center at Findlay who became acquainted with Swartzlander as a member of the MPL United Way Committee. “The CMC is among MPL’s ‘adopted’ United Way agencies,” he adds.

Patey put the word out regarding the CMC request and soon had a team of volunteers comprised of Frank Andrews and son Reed, Ross Emans, Matt Greenawalt, Patey, Brent Schnipke, Jeremy Smith and Roger Toumazos. On Aug. 16, they picked up the swing set and then met up at Camp Beck, which is located on 27 acres in Wyandot County.

“All told, it took about seven hours to complete construction, and we had a lot of fun doing so,” says Patey, who believes volunteerism can be contagious. “The importance of ‘giving back' is instilled in us almost as soon as we’re hired at MPC, so we have no trouble in recruiting people for various projects,” he explains. “Once you help, you want to do more.”