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Mouton responds to A 'buzz' at Beaumont

Fall Tree with Mums

Prior to inspecting an MPL facility at Beaumont, Texas, Kevin Mouton pulled up to the place and found it abuzz. “There were bees swarming around a shop building, and I couldn’t tell if they were regular, American honey bees or Africanized, ‘killer’ bees,’ ” notes Mouton, a Mechanical Technician for MPL’s Mid-South Region based in Sugartown, La. “While I’m not allergic to bee stings, I know many others are. Plus, the bees presented a potential hazard for a Centennial Pipeline ILI (in-line inspection) tool run.”

Intent on ensuring the safety of his co-workers, Mouton called Nick Milton, an MPL Electrical/Instrument Technician, to block access to the building. He then contacted Area Manager Brad Burson, who had Debbie Roberts, Administrative Assistant, call a local bee farm. The beekeepers came out and evaluated how best to remove what turned out to be American honey bees,” says Mouton. “After cutting a section of flooring from the building, they transferred the queen and workers to a bee box, along with the comb and honey,” he adds.“ They then added honey to another bee box to attract any residual bees that may come looking for the missing hive.”

Hive Transfer

Apparently, the bees had been as busy as … well … bees, since settling on MPL property. “They pulled about 10 gallons of honey from the hive,” explains Mouton, who stresses the bees were not harmed whatsoever. “They were extracted and safely transferred to the local bee farm to live ‘happily ever after,’” he says. “More importantly, MPL employees and visitors at Beaumont are safe, and a potential hazard for the tool run was eliminated.”