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MPL Launches Petroleum Fuels My Life Youth Program

Elementary schools and youth organizations in the communities where Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) operates are getting firsthand education on the many benefits of petroleum products and the 811 Call-Before-You-Dig message – thanks to a recently launched MPL initiative for third- and fourth-grade students.

“The Petroleum Fuels My Life Youth Program complements MPL’s Engaged in Energy Program, the latter of which aims at educating employees and the general public about the importance of petroleum in our daily lives,” noted MPL Damage Prevention Analyst Abbey Will, who coordinates the youth program. She also created it with Damage Prevention Supervisor Karen Byers, Learning Consultant Elizabeth Gordon and Operations Analyst Austin Klaus.

“Energy is often introduced in the third-grade curriculum, but it doesn’t really focus on fossil fuels, and we wanted to correct that omission,” Will says. “Petroleum Fuels My Life gives us an opportunity to share the importance of petroleum at and beyond the gas pump, to the many other products used in our everyday lives.”

The 40-minute program took about two months to create and test. It features a presentation, hands-on experiments, games, a video, prizes and gifts for all. Pipeline transportation and the 811 Call-Before-You-Dig message are an integral part of the curriculum as well.

Since its rollout in December, over 2,000 students have participated in the program at Findlay, Ohio-area primary/elementary schools.

Among those making presentations were 56 MPL employees. They made 18 in a single day, a community-service project organized by MPL employees.

“Employees enjoy giving the presentation, and the students have a lot of fun. They seem intrigued by it – especially when they learn about all the ways petroleum is used,” said Will. “Our hope is that they will share what they’ve learned with their parents, perhaps sparking new perspectives toward the petroleum industry as a whole.”

The Petroleum Fuels My Life Program will expand across 14 states in 2018. For additional information or to schedule a presentation, please email [email protected]. or call 855.888.8056.

Click here to watch a video of students at Findlay City School’s Jacob Primary as they participated in the Petroleum Fuels My Life Program.