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811 Day Celebrated at Indiana State Fair

Some go for the fried fare, others go for evening tractor parades, but Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) went to educate people about 811. On Sunday, Aug. 13, MPL sponsored 811 Day at the Indiana State Fair, where the first 811 fair patrons to enter the gate received complimentary coolers with the 811 logo. All fair employees wore 811 hats, and 811 signage hung throughout the fair, including on a billboard at the main gate. More than 72,000 people attended the fair that day.

MPL collaborated with Indiana 811, Miller Pipeline, Vectren, Citizens Energy, NIPSCO, USIC, Tallgrass Energy and Paradigm to throw an 811 Block Party on State Fair Boulevard, located in the middle of the fair. Employees from these companies staffed five different 811 booths on State Fair Boulevard and distributed more than 20,000 promotional items such as T-shirts, water cannons, fidget spinners, water bottles and fans branded with the 811 logo.

A mock excavation site was staged at the fair’s main entrance located on State Fair Boulevard. The site included two excavators provided by Miller Pipeline, road blocks and a street grip depicting underground utilities. Additional street grips and 17-foot flags with the 811 logo on each were placed throughout the boulevard. Children enjoyed coloring on an 811 themed Monster Mural, and teenagers utilized an 811 themed SnapChat filter during the block party.

MPL also partnered with other Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) organizations to staff an Engaged in Energy outreach booth on State Fair Boulevard. “Petroleum Makes Modern Life Possible” was the booth theme and included signage to demonstrate everyday items made from petroleum; an interactive activity; and promotional giveaways. Volunteers educated the public on how items we use every day are made from petroleum and described how petroleum has helped people live longer, more productive lives. Next to the petroleum booth, an 8,800-gallon tanker truck was on display with signage outlining the complex energy infrastructure that it takes to get energy and products to consumers.

MPL held its annual landowner appreciation picnic at the fair on Aug. 13, as well. A record breaking 800 Indiana residents with MPL operated pipelines located on their properties attended. Landowners enjoyed a lunch with MPL employees while learning about the specific pipeline located on their properties, including information such as the location of the pipelines, what products are transported through the pipelines, operating pressures of the pipelines, and when they need to call 811. Landowners were also able to view a smart tool and a piece of pipe in person. MPL employees were available to answer questions and address any concerns landowners had about pipelines on their properties.

“The entire day was a huge success! It was great to collaborate with so many other companies and MPC entities to share the important 811 and energy messages. We are already looking forward to next year,” said Abbey Will, MPL Public Awareness Coordinator.