Shawn M. Lyons

Shawn M. Lyon

Vice President of Operations
Marathon Pipe Line LLC

Mr. Lyon is vice president, operations of Marathon Pipe Line LLC. He has lead the hazardous liquid pipeline industry’s implementation of the Pipeline Safety Management System (API RP 1173), since 2015.

Mr. Lyon joined Marathon in 1989 as an engineer in Indianapolis, Indiana. While in Indianapolis, he worked in various positions in the Transportation and Logistics and the Marketing and Transportation Engineering organizations. In 1998, he began a series of engineering manager positions, providing engineering services for Marathon Petroleum’s marketing business in the Marketing and Transportation Engineering organization. In 2002, Mr. Lyon transferred to Findlay, Ohio, where he has held a variety of leadership positions. He was named the Product Quality manager in the Transportation and Logistics organization in 2005 and operations manager in Operations and Logistics for Marathon Pipe Line LLC in 2006. Mr. Lyon was named district manager in Transport and Rail for the Terminal, Transport and Marine business in 2008 and manager, Marketing and Transportation Engineering for Marathon Petroleum Company in 2010. He was named to his current position in July 2011.

Mr. Lyon graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor of science degree in construction engineering in 1989. He received his professional engineering license in 1994.