ROW Patrol and Clearing

Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) performs right-of-way (ROW) clearing for one reason – public safety.  A clear ROW provides an increased ability to visually monitor threats to the pipeline. ROW clearing enables:

  • Aerial Surveillance – Aerial patrols are completed on a weekly basis to detect threatening excavation activities along the pipeline and visually assure no releases have occurred.

  • Excavation Damage Prevention – A clear pathway provides a visual corridor so the pipeline can be defended from unauthorized excavation and development.

  • Routine Maintenance Access – Clear access to the pipeline is critical to completing required maintenance in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

  • Corrosion Protection– Tree roots can wrap around a pipeline, damaging the protective coating of the pipeline. This damage compromises efforts to avoid pipeline corrosion.

  • Emergency Response Access– Clear access to the pipeline allows for prompt response in the event of an emergency.

MPL has performed ROW clearing for many years and maintains a regular schedule for ROW maintenance.   ROW maintenance personnel perform environmental assessments and contact property owners.  MPL clarifies the scope of work for ROW clearing, marks clearing areas, and performs and finally inspects the clearing.

In order to foster positive relations with property owners, MPL provides pipeline awareness materials; cuts and stacks logs for firewood or disposes of logs at the property owner's request; repairs fences; removes dead or smaller trees from the ROW; and restores property.