Integrity Management

Pipelines are generally the safest, most environmentally friendly way to transport energy. Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) is committed
to ensuring that its pipelines are safe. One of the most important facets of MPL’s pipeline safety efforts is its
Integrity Management Program.

Integrity Management

MPL uses a comprehensive risk-based Integrity Management Program to ensure the safety of its pipelines. Additional safety emphasis is applied where a release from a pipeline could affect a densely populated area, drinking water source, ecologically sensitive area or commercially navigable waterway. The Integrity Management Program addresses the threats that could affect the pipeline, including excavator damage, corrosion and equipment failure, among others. Activities employed to maintain the integrity of the pipelines include:

  • Design and construction standards

  • In-line inspection tools

  • Right-of-way clearing and inspection

  • Operator qualification testing

  • Waterway crossing inspections

  • Public awareness and damage prevention programs

  • Cathodic protection

  • Equipment inspection and maintenance

Periodic assessments are conducted to verify the integrity of the pipelines. When necessary, repairs are made to maintain mechanical integrity. The risk associated with each threat is prioritized and additional risk mitigations are implemented, where necessary.
MPL evaluates the effectiveness of its Integrity Management Program in reducing accidents on a periodic basis, and makes
adjustments as needed.