Transportation of Refined Products (Commodities) on MPL

 MPL operates refined product pipeline systems located throughout the Midwest, Louisiana and Texas.  These systems transport various commodities based on tariff rates that are filed and governed through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for each pipeline system.  MPL owns and operates refined product tank farms in Wood River, Ill. and Martinsville, Ill.  Currently, MPL provides transportation services for the following refined product commodities that are classified in three categories. 

Specification A commodities are refined petroleum products commonly known as gasoline and diesel products (including kerosene, aviation fuel, low sulfur diesel and ULSD).  

Specification B commodities are intermediate petroleum products commonly known as gas oil, naphtha, alkylate and mixtures of aromatic products. 

Specification C commodities are liquefied petroleum gases commonly known as propane, isobutane, butane or mixtures of such products.