Prevent Right-of-Way Encroachment

Rights of way help protect pipelines.  The right of way (ROW) is a strip of land over and around the pipeline where some of the property owner’s legal rights have been granted to a utility company.

To protect the pipeline, restrictions typically prohibit building, planting or storing items in the ROW.  In some cases, farmers or ranchers may retain surface rights above the pipeline for agricultural purpose.  Unauthorized building or planting in the pipeline right of way is known as encroachment.  Always dial 811 to request to have lines marked before digging near pipelines or rights of way.

Keep Marathon Pipe Line LLC's (MPL) pipelines safe.  Contact us immediately by calling 1-800-537-6644 if you notice ROW encroachment or suspect unauthorized digging near our pipeline.

ROW Clearing

Clearing Treeline

MPL conducts ROW clearing and maintenance to trim trees and remove shrubs or structures that can endanger the pipeline or prohibit the company from clearly viewing the pipeline corridor during aerial inspection, foot patrols or regular maintenance activities. 


Easement Agreements

A right-of-way agreement between a company and a property owner is called an easement agreement.  Easement agreements are filed in public records with property deeds.  A copy can typically be obtained from the county courthouse or county clerk.

If you live adjacent to an MPL pipeline, please refer to your easement agreement for specific ROW restrictions and contact MPL if you have questions or are planning a project near the ROW.


To the right is a diagram that illustrates recommended setbacks for fencing, trees and other structures from the pipeline and pipeline ROW. 

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Setbacks near pipelines

Setbacks near pipelines